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A sample of what our clients have to say…

“Focus on Boston is our go-to facility. Their recruiting is top-notch, their show rate is the best we've ever seen, and their can-do attitude makes them a pleasure to work with.“

Marla Goodman, Kellog Co.


“Recruitment has always been handled in a timely fashion and respondents are always "on spec" no matter how difficult the project. We've never been disappointed in our choice of FOB in the New England area.”

Dee M. August, Decision Makers


"Focus on Boston is one of my favorite research facilities in this area on the basis of recruiting quality and customer service. They consistently provide well-qualified respondents and excellent show rates. They are a pleasure to work with and are always responsive to whatever I or my clients need. I know that when I use them on a project, I will be very pleased with the results. I recommend them highly."

Lisa C. Brown, Brown Marketing Research


"Focus on Boston is one of our favorite facilities to use. They always get even the most difficult recruits for us. The quality of service is the very best, they have every detail covered. The staff at Focus on Boston is very professional, it is a pleasure to work with them."

Shirley Burbage, MarketVision Research


"Our experience was so remarkable I had to send you a note.

First, your new facility is great! It has just the right atmosphere to do good research, very impressive, but really respondent friendly.

The recruiting was perfect. Given a relatively short turn around and very low incidence requirements, your results were amazing - just the right mix of very enthusiastic articulate respondents.

We had a 100% show rate the day before a holiday weekend, which was even more remarkable given the modest incentive we provided. I cannot say enough about your hostess/ receptionist. She was great, she anticipated everything from making calls to stragglers even before being asked and she even showed up after the groups with a hot bowl of clam chowder from Legal Seafood.

You always do a great job, but this was truly outstanding! We really appreciate the way you and Greg took ownership of this project.

It is great in this day and age to know that there is still one place where we can find the best resources and the personal involvement of the owners. Please thank everyone for the extra effort; it was well appreciated by us and our client. You guys are the best."

Michael Cullen, Fathom Research